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Rudi Klingenschmid Memorial Trophy

A year has passed, when we remember a beloved friend Rudi Klingenschmid who was taken away from us unexpectedly.  Not a day has passed, when someone has not talked or joked about the person he was and how he would react to certain situation.  He was a man with undeniable stature; the first to get a Hole in One on the Trump course; the first to congratulate you on success and the first to console you on the short comings. 

Dubai Golf Journey was part of the Rudi Klingenschmid Memorial Trophy, where his Golf Family from Address Montgomerie held a tournament in remembrance of him.  The spirit of the game in tough conditions was played exactly how we remember Rudi playing.  With passion, enjoyment and full of laughter.  Today the game was played not for ourselves, but for the man who made the game worth playing.  

Rudi, was a kind hearted, bubbly and passionate person, who always felt the truth was better to be out than to keep it in.  A 3 putt for him was not taken as a bad putt but a bad player who cant make a putt (you can laugh at that, because that is honestly the kind of man he was).  You could love him or try to reason with him, but you could never hate him.  

These pictures were taken of the man we will always remember.  He will be the driving force for some people in their golf and for some he will help them get through the toughest tests in life, knowing he is up there looking down on us.  

Dubai Golf Journey, wants to keep this memory alive.  We want everyone to see how one man has changed so much for so many people. 

Address Montgomerie has put up a bench on their practice putting green, in his name.  There is no greater honor than that.  We salute the club, which was Rudi’s home for many months of the year.  We salute all the participants and the winners of the day.

Love and Peace to Rudi Klingenschmid.  We know you are laughing up there at us, whenever we have a bad round!

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