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TAMD Associates Get the Credit

“No one can whistle a symphony, It takes a whole orchestra to play it”.

This is what the staff at Address Montgomerie live by day in, day out.  Not any one person is given credit to the beauty of playing and feeling like you belong to a Golf Club.  We give that credit to the team of fantastic individuals who greet you at the start and the ones who say goodbye when you leave.  These boys and girls who make up the impressive social atmosphere of the club, put in hours of work to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

From the agronomy team, to the starters, the marshals, and the chefs, The Address Montgomerie is home away from home.  To be called by your name and not “Sir or Madam” goes a long way in achieving a sense of assurance and feeling of being part of this wonderful Address Family.

On the 16th of April, The Address went ahead and competed in a friendly tournament between the “Associates vs. Members”.  A Texas Scramble format over 9 Hole on the main course and 9 holes of the Par 3 Course was set.  With the Eyes of each member showing respect to their counterparts and visa versa.  A great evening of golf preceded and the respect shown by both sets of players was truly magnificent.

The golf was not about who won, but the bond between the two set of players who form this “community”.  This was to be followed by an evening meal and some nice raffle giveaways.  Sometimes it is taken for granted, that we as players use high end equipment, and keep changing as new equipment comes out by big manufactures.  This was the time, we the players were able to give some of these personal possessions to the Associates.  A raffle draw proceeded and more than a few happy faces were to be found.

“ No one has ever become poor by giving.”

We all want to thanks the Associates for an amazing day, and for all the hard work they put in.  You are the past, present and the future of this club.  There is not much more to say but “Thank You”

Lets give these names a nice comment and applause.  They will make you feel like “The Patrons” of the masters.




















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